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[WebSVN issue] rst rendering


Author webpost at tigris dot org
Full name webpost at tigris dot org
Date 2014-10-06 10:19:40 PDT
Message Hi,

I just saw, that rendering of rst files seems to be not working anymore. I always found that this is a really nice feature for documentation. It is not working in wsvn nor in trac, for example both links show only the code, instead of a rendered page:

I've tested with several firefox versions and also switched off all plugins, but nothing worked. Also previously working versions in early tags, which used to work as they should, are not rendered anymore.

Is this feature not available anymore?


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[WebSVN issue] rst rendering webpost at tigris dot org webpost at tigris dot org 2014-10-06 10:19:40 PDT
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