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WebSVN 2.0 available


Author tarmes
Full name Tim Armes
Date 2007-08-13 05:54:45 PDT
Message WebSVN 2.0 is finally available for download. It can be retrived via
Subversion from here:


This release features many enhancements and bug features. Release 2.1 will
probably follow quite quickly (to add extra functionality), so please report
any issues that you come across.

I'd like to thank Erik Pöhler for his great template, now offered as the
default, and Sébastian Petters for all his help in getting WebSVN ready for
this update. Sébastian will now have write access to the repository.

Finally, the changes.txt file has been somewhat abandoned, so there are bug
fixed that aren't listed.

Tim Armes

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WebSVN 2.0 available tarmes Tim Armes 2007-08-13 05:54:45 PDT
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