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WebSVN 1.7 beta 4


Author Tim Armes <timarmes at hotmail dot com>
Full name Tim Armes <timarmes at hotmail dot com>
Date 2005-10-25 08:34:06 PDT
Message Hello all,

Beta 4 is available from the tags directory.

It includes a fairly major overhaul of the character encoding handling. I
hope that it should now work "out of the box" for foreign language uses. I
really hope we'll get no more questions about umlautes. Please help test
this beta, especially if you're not using English.

It also includes the ability to choose the language from the drop down menu,
so the user has control.

NEW: The log display may now be filtered to show a range of revisions
NEW: You can now have control over the specification of directories that can
     cannot be tarball'ed. Tarballing can be turned on only after a certain
     depth and directories can be allow/disallowed on a per
directory/repository basis.
NEW: The user can now choose their language via a drop down box

CHANGE: Character encodings are now handled differently. The output
encoding is ALWAYS
        defined as UTF-8, and the setOutputEncoding option has been removed.

FIX: Diff had been broken by 1.70 beta 2
FIX: Download of tarballs is prohibited if the user doesn't have read access
to the directory
     AND all of its subdirectories
FIX: The character set type is now sent in the HTTP header. No need to hack
the Apache config


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WebSVN 1.7 beta 4 Tim Armes <timarmes at hotmail dot com> Tim Armes <timarmes at hotmail dot com> 2005-10-25 08:34:06 PDT
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