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WebSVN 1.7 beta 2


Author Tim Armes <timarmes at hotmail dot com>
Full name Tim Armes <timarmes at hotmail dot com>
Date 2005-10-21 08:10:43 PDT
Message WebSVN 1.7 beta 2 has been released:

CHANGE: WebSVN no longer requires the entire revision history when accessing
a directory, resulting in a faster access for large repositories
FIX: The new access rights module didn't always hide directories
FIX: Tree icons have been fixed (broken in 1.70 beta 1)

WebSVN no longer user svnlook history to get the revision history
information. It now uses svn log, which allows for use of the --limit
command. This should greatly speed up access to repositories with many

To do this, many changes have been made throughout the code. Please report
any bugs.

There are at least two more features that will be added to the 1.7 release
before it comes out of beta:

1) Option to turn off the directory tree display and return to a 1.5 view.
2) Choice of language by the user (and stored in a cookie on their

If you have any other immediate needs then please post them to the list
(with their relevant patches :). More importantly, please test the beta and
report any bugs.


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WebSVN 1.7 beta 2 Tim Armes <timarmes at hotmail dot com> Tim Armes <timarmes at hotmail dot com> 2005-10-21 08:10:43 PDT
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