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WebSVN 1.7 beta 1


Author Tim Armes <timarmes at hotmail dot com>
Full name Tim Armes <timarmes at hotmail dot com>
Date 2005-10-20 10:19:37 PDT
Message Hello all,

WebSVN 1.7 beta 1 is now available. Get it from

Most of the patches received over the last few months are integrated,
although there's still a few to go.

The biggest feature of this release is the new access rights module that
uses the standard Subversion access file to control read access to the
repository. Read more in the install.txt. Notice that you'll need to
update any personalised templates for this to work.

Lots of mods means lots of testing before release, so please give it a go
and report and problems.



NEW: Access rights module (Finally!) - see install.txt for details
NEW: Added language file for Danish, Finnish, Turkish, Norwegian and
Simplified Chinese
NEW: The "View Log" link is now available for templates to use from the file
NEW: Added bugtraq:logregex support

CHANGE: Ages are now displayed with higher resolution
CHANGE: Update German translation
CHANGE: Tex file are no longer delivered as binary by defaut, but displayed
by enscript
CHANGE: The last modified files display now shows the most recently modified
files of
        the current directory
CHANGE: Improve diff colours of Blue Grey Scheme for better readability

FIX: Directories containing accents weren't always displayed
FIX: File version can be compared via the log display (as oppoed to just
FIX: Corrected RSS encoding issue
FIX: Corrected bug whereby diff lines would be displayed twice
FIX: svn: Can't check path '/root/.subversion': Permission denied
FIX: Sometimes files delivered (as opposed to disaplyed) by WebSVN were
FIX: Fix problem with large tarball delivery
FIX: Compare with previous always used HEAD
FIX: .sh files are now viewable
FIX: Allow special characters in repository names
FIX: It wasn't possible to go into a module if another module starts with
the same name.
FIX: Remove hard-coded timezone from the RSS feed creator.
FIX: Caching of RSS feeds wasn't working

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WebSVN 1.7 beta 1 Tim Armes <timarmes at hotmail dot com> Tim Armes <timarmes at hotmail dot com> 2005-10-20 10:19:37 PDT
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