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First use problem


Author sarbogast
Full name Sébastien Arbogast
Date 2005-04-07 17:06:14 PDT
Message Hi,

I've just setup WebSVN and updated conf.inc as explained in the file
to manage my repository manually using this line :
$config->addRepo​sitory("MyProject", "w:\\svn\\myproject");
And when I try to connect to http://localhost/websvn, the interface is
displayed with a link to my project but when I click on it I get the
following message :
The requested URL /php4/php/MyProject/ was not found on this server.
Which is true because the link points to

Where's the problem ? Any idea ?

Thanks in advance



Sebastien ARBOGAST

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First use problem sarbogast Sébastien Arbogast 2005-04-07 17:06:14 PDT
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