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WebSVN 1.60 Released


Author Tim Armes <timarmes at hotmail dot com>
Full name Tim Armes <timarmes at hotmail dot com>
Date 2004-08-26 07:12:41 PDT
Message WebSVN 1.60 has been released and is available in the file sharing area or
via the WebSVN repository at http://svn.collab.ne​t/repos/websvn/tags/​1.60
This release offers some major features and all users are recommended to

NEW: Directory displays are now shown in tree view format (so that it's
harder to get lost). Many thanks to Brent Lu for this excellent patch. The
prettiest result are available in the BlueGrey scheme.
NEW: Comparison of entire directories
NEW: Tarballs of directories may now be downloaded. Set
$config->allowdownload(); in config.inc to allow this.
NEW: New style 'Zinn' based on the templates created for
http://www.projectzinn.org/. Thanks to Justin Doran.
NEW: File delivery now looks at the defined Mime-Type. Thanks to Peter
Valdemar Mørch for this patch.
NEW: Various configuration options may now be applied on a per project
basis. Look in distconfig for instructions.
NEW: Support for using 'bugtraq' properties when display log entries. See
NEW: Traditional Chinese translation
NEW: Spanish translation

CHANGE: Style information removed from RSS feed
CHANGE: Changed files are now hidden by defaut (since the directory
comparison link is far more useful)

FIX: File listing were't being shown with the correct accented characters
under windows.
FIX: File listing sometimes failed when there were spaces in the filename
FIX: Some setups wouldn't allow diff generations with enscript enabled.
FIX: Filenames are URL encoded correctly before calling svn file:///
FIX: Keywords weren't expanded in file view when enscript was disabled

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WebSVN 1.60 Released Tim Armes <timarmes at hotmail dot com> Tim Armes <timarmes at hotmail dot com> 2004-08-26 07:12:41 PDT
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