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WebSVN 1.34 Released


Author Tim ARMES <tarmes at oreka dot com>
Full name Tim ARMES <tarmes at oreka dot com>
Date 2004-02-20 06:33:41 PST
Message WebSVN 1.34 has been released and is available in the file sharing
ADD: Support for switching between projects using a drop-down box
     control. (MultiViews users - note that wsvn.php has been changed)
ADD: Sort the repositories alphabetically when using parentPath
ADD: Better support for internationalisation
     (Template writers: Please note the use of the new
     variable 'charset')
ADD: More useful info in browser titles with the standard templates
FIX: Accented characters should now be displayed correctly (I hope).
FIX: HTML files now display correcly on all machines
FIX: Removed spurious BRs from the file listings
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WebSVN 1.34 Released Tim ARMES <tarmes at oreka dot com> Tim ARMES <tarmes at oreka dot com> 2004-02-20 06:33:41 PST
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