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WebSVN 1.30 Released


Author Tim ARMES <tarmes at oreka dot com>
Full name Tim ARMES <tarmes at oreka dot com>
Date 2004-02-16 05:26:04 PST
Message WebSVN 1.30 has been released and is available in the file sharing
There are a few changes to the config file in this release. Copy
distconfig.inc to config.inc and redo and configuration changes that
you had made.
ADD: MultiViews support. You can now set up WebSVN to access the
     repositories using a URL such as:
ADD: Colourisation support using Enscript
ADD: [websvn-test] function can now be nested
ADD: locwebsvnhttp variable added in template system
ADD: Bluegrey scheme now has show/hide changed link
FIX: Possible security hole with by abuse of popen
FIX: WebSVN should now function correctly (again) on non windows
FIX: First character of diff listing was missing
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WebSVN 1.30 Released Tim ARMES <tarmes at oreka dot com> Tim ARMES <tarmes at oreka dot com> 2004-02-16 05:26:04 PST
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