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WebSVN 1.20 Released


Author Tim ARMES <tarmes at oreka dot com>
Full name Tim ARMES <tarmes at oreka dot com>
Date 2004-02-12 03:15:35 PST
Message WebSVN 1.20 has been released.
This release include a new comprehensive templating system. Feel free
to write you own look and feel templates for inclusion in the project.
Note that you'll need to include the LOOK AND FEEL setup from the
distconfig.inc file into your own config.inc file, otherwise you won't
see anything!
ADD: Comprehensive templating solution
ADD: Show the age of a revision in the log view
CHANGE: The youngest revision of the current directory is now shown by
        default (as opposed to the head revision of the entire
        This means that clicking on a directory will show the lastest
        changes associated with it. A specific revision can still be
        selected from a log view
CHANGE: Only show the lead name when viewing directory contents
FIX: Fixed error concerning use of pclose
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WebSVN 1.20 Released Tim ARMES <tarmes at oreka dot com> Tim ARMES <tarmes at oreka dot com> 2004-02-12 03:15:35 PST
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