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[WebSVN] WebSVN 2.3.2 released


Author dirkthomas
Full name Dirk Thomas
Date 2010-12-10 13:43:11 PST
Message WebSVN 2.3.2 is a minor release which brings several bug fixes but also improvements for browsing deleted items and handling modified whitespaces and different newlines.
As always it is available from www.websvn.info/download/

Since the last patch version a lot of feedback was provided by the community.
Thank you all for your comments and especially the contributed patches.

Two very nice feature enhancements are the optional ignoring of whitespace and different newline characters and improvements for browsing deleted items.

A - far from being complete - list of changes:

* Added ability to use plain PHP for creating templates
* Added config option to show last modification in repository list
* Added config option to trust all server certificates
* Added support for using multiple access files
* Added translation: Macedonian, Russian
* Improved navigation through items deleted in recent revision
* Improved ignoring whitespaces (including different newlines) in compare-view
* Updated translation: Dutch
* Updated libraries: GeSHi
* Fixed parsing SVN version
* Fixed comparing two revisions
* Fixed regression in revision form
* Fixed issues: 292, 294, 296, 298, 302, 304, 306, 307

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[WebSVN] WebSVN 2.3.2 released dirkthomas Dirk Thomas 2010-12-10 13:43:11 PST
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