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[WebSVN] WebSVN 2.2.0 released


Author dirkthomas
Full name Dirk Thomas
Date 2009-04-12 02:34:46 PDT
Message WebSVN 2.2.0 has been released four months after the previous version.
It is available from www.websvn.info/download/

This release offers some new features and fixes many bugs reported by the community since the previous release. Thank you all for your feedback and contributed patches.

When upgrading you should have a look to the example configuration in include/distconfig.php to notice the additional configuation options which might be useful for you.

A short list of changes - far from being complete:
* Fixed many cases when files or folders have been moved/renamed/deleted
* Removed dependencies to external commands - using PEAR Archive_Tar, PEAR Text_Diff, gz extension and touch function instead
* Improved scalability of parent path handling
* Added support for upcoming PHP 5.3
* Added possiblity to ignore whitespace on compare and diff
* Added support for aliases in access file and handle continuation lines correctly

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[WebSVN] WebSVN 2.2.0 released dirkthomas Dirk Thomas 2009-04-12 02:34:46 PDT
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