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[WebSVN] Syntax highlight


Author philfry
Full name Philippe
Date 2013-09-25 08:56:56 PDT
Message Hi all,

it bugs me that websvn only passes the correct language to enscript or geshi if either the file extension exists and is well known or the filename is forced to a specific language in the config. I'd like websvn to honor the mime type. For example, I save my perl scripts without a filename extension but I do set the mime type to either text/x-perl or application/x-perl.

This patch -- which applies to 2.3.3 and probably to the current svn trunk -- makes websvn try the mime type appendix if neither the extension nor the filename was found in $extEnscript or $extGeshi.

* mime type is "text/x-perl" -> try "perl"
* mime type is "application/javascript" -> try "javascript"



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[WebSVN] Syntax highlight philfry Philippe 2013-09-25 08:56:56 PDT
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