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[WebSVN] Request for features


Author webpost at tigris dot org
Full name webpost at tigris dot org
Date 2009-12-26 17:44:35 PST
Message Before I bombard you with feature requests, I'd like to say thanks to the developers for creating this useful piece of software.

First of all, currently it's only possible to specify an authorization file globally, or on a per repository basis. It would be nice to be able to specify an authorization file on a per parent-path basis. This would be useful in the situation where a user has been given access to create repositories beneath a certain folder, as well as edit permissions to the authorization file applied to that folder. As parent paths can have their repositories assigned to groups, perhaps it could be applied to groups instead?

Secondly, it appears that the option to download individual files can only be switched on by enabling tarball downloads. While I consider the ability to download individual files essential, tarball creation strikes me as something a little more dangerous or open to abuse. Perhaps it could be possible to separate these options?

Many thanks,

Francis Russell

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